Premium Service Delivers Years of Dependable VMS Performance


Doug Jefferson and family.

DeLaval has always strived to find innovative ways to make dairy farming better for producers and their families. Today, we’re bringing the world’s most advanced robots to a new generation of dairy operators. We know making the change to robotic milking is a big decision – whether it is one VMS or twelve. Our goal is to make that transition as seamless as possible by providing the best – and most reliable – service in the industry.

Service that’s Tailored for You

We offer technical and herd management support, so you, as a dairy producer, do not waste any time on technical or mechanical issues. Rather, you spend the extra time the VMS provides you managing other areas within your enterprise.

Because each farm is different we provide the VMS CAP Program (Customer Assurance Program). Our program’s offering is flexible and customizable to the needs of your farm and the way you run it. This complete package contains virtually everything you need for your VMS operations – from regular and emergency servicing to delivery of essentials such as liners, filters and teat dips.

Scheduled Maintenance

The VMS unit is designed to run around the clock in the toughest of environments – the dairy farm. In fact, the very first DeLaval VMS installed in the Netherlands is still running smoothly, more than 15 years later. It has delivered about 18.2 million pounds of milk and runs, on average, 20 to 22 hours each day.

To keep the units running well, we offer preventative maintenance on each station three times per year by a certified VMS technician. This maintenance includes cleaning, checking and lubricating the station, exchanging service parts, and fine-tuning to ensure the station is running optimally.

At DeLaval, we don’t let just anyone service your VMS station. Our service technicians go through comprehensive training before they are certified to work on VMS stations. They are equipped with VMS-specific service tools – including state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment – that enables them to analyze, service and recalibrate the station.

Emergency Maintenance

With regular servicing and maintenance, your system should run smoothly. However, with the VMS station operating almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there may be times outside of the standard preventive maintenance program when service is required. During these times, your DeLaval dealer, via the Remote Farm Connection (RFC) system, can provide you with remote support and assistance 24/7.

“We have had DeLaval milking equipment for over 40 years, and we know there is quality that comes with it. We have enjoyed working with the DeLaval dealer over the years because of their product knowledge and their reliable service staff. We chose robotics, as we felt our herd as well as our lifestyle could benefit from this new technology. With a milking robot, we feel we can spend our time in the barn more efficiently. We don’t want to spend less time in the barn; we want to just be more efficient with our time.”

Doug Jefferson
Glenirvine Farm, Ontario, Canada
1 VMS unit, 50 cows