This is the Borchardt’s Why


Briway Farms was the first dairy in Wisconsin to purchase a milking robot in 2008.When they started thinking about converting their existing stanchion barns, most robotic companies asked why. At DeLaval we said why not!

After almost a decade, their VMS unit continues to milk the 65 cow herd.

“Your schedule is not set by your milking time. Now I focus a lot more on reproduction and a lot more on information so I know what each cow is doing, every step of the lactation.”

“The reason we chose DeLaval is that they did not see a problem in installing the VMS in an existing barn. For my personal life, I don’t have to get up at five in the morning. As
long as the cows have feed to eat, I don’t worry about them.
There are more important things in life than working 24 hours a day. VMS completely changed the way we function, and it’s been positive.”


“We installed the robot in 2008. We were the first farm in Wisconsin to get a robotic milker. The other robots were not all stainless at that time; their main frame was triple galvanized steel. And also new parts that become available are adaptable, so you always can have an updated robot, and that seemed a very positive approach to me.”

“The DeLaval dealer is excellent. When we started up, they had people here pushing cows for almost two days, and they were very good with their support. I would recommend VMS to others.”

“We had a lightning strike that wiped out $27,000 worth of equipment and we were milking 6 hours after the strike. Doing some of it manually, but within twelve hours we had it up and running. Our dealer is excellent.”

Watch the extended video here:

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