VMS PROductivity Tour


Join us October 5th for a can’t-miss one-day tour to highly productive robotic dairies. We’ll showcase state-of-the-art solutions being implemented by the area’s most progressive herd managers. Register today!

The tour will depart at 7:30 a.m. from the Alliant Energy Center at World Dairy Expo and return at 5:00 p.m. During that time you’ll get ideas to help you increase productivity, improve cow wellbeing and improve your overall way of life. We’ll discuss different cow traffic strategies, barn designs and other topics while on this educational and fun excursion.

Plan to see:

Damerow Brothers
A member of TOP 7 global VMS producers
Tunnel ventilated barn
120 cows
99 lb/cow/day
2 VMS installed Spring 2014
Milk First pre-selection cow traffic
Sand bedding
Full line consumables

Kastenschmidt Dairy
Retrofitted facility
Natural ventilation
115 cows
100+ lb/cow/ day
2 VMS installed Spring of 2012
Free Flow cow traffic
Full line consumables

Krejchik Farms
Retrofitted facility
Natural ventilation
120 cows
80 lb +/cow/day
2 VMS installed summer of 2013
Semi – Milk First pre-selection cow traffic
Herd Navigator installed fall of 2014
DeLaval Feed Pusher
Full line consumables
Sand bedding

Can’t wait to see you there! Sign up today!

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